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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.881 I thought it was a good post, pink starbursts are by far superior, and finding two in one of the double packs is amazing.
0.875 Arguably, but pretty universally a win.
0.843 If only I had enough time to release and bugfix more often :P Great work!
0.836 Emperor's New Groove is the best and this makes me happy
0.826 Yes, we should probably look at our food source with a bit more heart, granted, human beings, however, should be looked at as something far beyond precious.
0.823 Wow, Minecraft shaders these days are amazing.
0.796 Honestly that fact kinda makes the space shuttle more amazing than the other way around.
0.796 Great song :)
0.791 lots to love about wish.com lol
0.790 Wow tjis is too good when drynk!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.862 I have no idea now where you are from but I am from the US and was on the losing side of a very terrible election you may have heard about.
-0.846 Looks nice but they use the cheapest shitty fake ice cream ever.
-0.832 No, there is no comparison in any way and to make one is dangerous and faulty thought.
-0.830 i hate u , al mod r suck here WoRST!!!!!
-0.807 No way, I have to hit the "hide" button a dozen or so times a day to avoid watching animals die.
-0.802 Just because someone removes all of the avenues of resistance that, in no way, makes the oppressed mindless of their plight.
-0.778 I never thought of this before and dealing with dryer vent is a real pain in the ass in the constricted space of my laundry room.
-0.778 Of course, I totally fucked it up and cut a hole in her cashmere sweater too.
-0.765 I actually see the horrible treatment of food use animals on a commercial level to be a terrible thing.
-0.743 I fear that the "terrible logic" falls to your side as it is your bigoted beliefs that the "Jews in WW2" simply and mindlessly lined up to be slaughtered.
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