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Ten Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.850 I am pretty sure this is Ninjuhutee, not Kung Fu.
0.807 Best friends cat was an outdoor cat.
0.791 Uh yeah that looks like a lot of fun
0.784 I love how he hugged his buddies afterwards.
0.735 More like NFSU2 but at a dance festival in Australia and less ricey body kits and more cars
0.727 at the end he said in spanish "And here, it just crippled me", pretty funny.
0.727 Not at all my good friend.
0.700 Last time this GIF was posted there was a huge discussion on Volvo braking technologies in the comments and I found it fascinating.
0.700 It's always hard to make that first step of reaching out but it's essential to bettering yourself and living a happier and more fulfilling life.
0.691 I like how the red car puts its blinker on after the initial impact to let the other drivers know it's safely pulling to the side of the road to exchange information

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.892 but since his Porsche had dope ass tires and nobody died.
-0.883 They say ponies are more evil than horses as they're closer to hell.
-0.866 Bloody hell we have no idea what happened.
-0.807 The term was used in the movie because train spotting is as useless as shooting heroin, but I've never heard the term used among actual people who do heroin.
-0.791 from a truck driver that knows kung fu." Nah brah, sounds to me like the truck driver knows kung fu, and the thief stole his phone.
-0.790 The little suicidal flesh blobs need to stop outting us!!
-0.765 the fuck man you ruined my shot
-0.743 No no no yes-no no no yes?
-0.712 >You would most likely benefit from talking to a professional about your depression and thoughts of suicide.
-0.710 >a point of prolonged mental anguish and depression and only withheld my desire to end my life because of how it would affect my family. The only reason why I haven't done it yet.
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