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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.852 I was really hoping they'd all go down like a perfect chain of dominos.
0.791 Wow, that's pretty brazen.
0.765 If you're going to film yourself breaking a guitar, might as well get some good lighting and a clear view of it
0.718 I wish the ones in the Everglades would start eating some pythons at some Miami residence let free.
0.718 The longer you are the best chances you have of sticking to the surface.
0.718 For that sweet sweet IRL karma
0.681 I would love to watch that Are you kidding me?
0.660 I like how there is at least 10 people here who should have known better.
0.659 The new GTA graphics are awesome!
0.649 I was hoping this would just go like Bringing up Baby...

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.848 I could just be drunk and have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. Reddit in a nutshell.
-0.827 they lectured him about carrying weapons as if he'd actually done anything wrong and then fed him some horseshit spiel about misleading them.
-0.807 I swear a train got in my ass as I was trying to take a shit.
-0.791 many groups do stupid shit.
-0.764 I was wondering what sort of idiot thought a bear suit would keep tigers from attacking.
-0.759 Or maybe the insurance company will hold the driver responsible when proof of misconduct is presented? I don't want my rates going up because careless shitheads do careless things.
-0.735 This might just be a sad accident
-0.723 its shit like that that really makes it difficult not to just assume most of them are fucking pricks.
-0.710 He failed to yield to an emergency vehicle.
-0.680 When you have both feet strapped to a board, it's extremely hard to have an injury level amount of torque applied to your knees, no matter how big youre going.
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