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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.659 Well I'm sorry not all of us are as strong willed as you, okay!?
0.637 Perfectly sensible out of context.
0.625 This would make a great Cards Against Humanity white card.
0.527 I'm kind turned on by the idea of findom actually.
0.502 Not in a way where I would actually participate, but in a way where I'm going to imagine this later while masturbating. Thank you for showing me this.
0.361 Sounds like something from /r/KenM
0.273 Hahahahahaha Ah god what am I doing with my life.
0.273 Oh god never again.
0.224 I don't see the no context part.
0.103 Then, once you've reached the end, you start again from the other side.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.816 this is fucking stupid -cliche saying so why the fuck is it unique?
-0.758 There are two kinds of people in this world: people who have wanted to stick their junk in a McD's sandwich and goddamn liars.
-0.649 You misspelled nigger.
-0.586 As long as the High schoolers were Assholes
-0.542 Holy fuck this is an old one.
-0.542 go fuck yourself
-0.542 I've always wanted to fuck a McDonald's burger
-0.450 hurr durr but it says p0rn and it's not talking about secks I'm cOnFusED
-0.386 A little late :(
-0.361 I feel like I should link this to /r/mattcolville, but t I'm too lazy and it seems kinda stalkery. Edit: spelling.
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