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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.971 Good receiving corps, very good running back, great #1 CB, great DE, very good OLB, and a great FS.
0.964 His defenses are amazing and he is a great coach, but better than a super bowl winning 7 playoff seasons in a row coach?
0.963 Better to take a guy you believe in and pace his development and hope you can duplicate the previous year's success with a great defense, strong running, and middling QB play.
0.960 I think they are both smart players and are playing very well but you need to give a good portion of the credit for their success to the line they play behind
0.949 2 great teams, great O and D, big special teams plays and Flacco's miracle throw.
0.943 Okay, i hate the pats but credit where credit is due, that was a bad ass play!
0.943 Strong safeties need lateral quickness as well as range, and free safeties need range and strong tackling.
0.940 He is one of those players who gives it everything he has but doesn't have the physical attributes to be truly great, so his success will always be limited by that.
0.940 I would be upset, but Tom Brady is officially back on our roster in a few hours and I'm getting laid for the first time in 7 months tonight so I'm like super happy.
0.939 As a Broncos fan who was born in Minnesota this is my dream Super Bowl since I can be happy whoever wins, not this year though.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.997 Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. ~ Haiku by Tom Brady
-0.972 Umm...if you kill someone over road rage and then stand over them and shoot them again while yelling at the dead corpse, your mental health probably isn't the greatest.
-0.959 But the reality is that if a suspected murderer is let loose while the police do more investigation, and that suspect kills someone else, the releasing agency is going to catch hell.
-0.955 fuck football fuck new orleans fuck fuck fuck
-0.943 >that Rodgers was playing worse because he was "rattled" Which is a stupid argument, just as JB's is, but two idiotic arguments don't together make a smart one.
-0.942 It might be technically allowed, but ANY player who uses a cut block EVER needs to GET FUCKED - like, idk, have the living shit beat out of him after the next play.
-0.939 Louis area. Die a miserable death you dishonorable shit stain Stan.
-0.932 Maybe but I dont blame you, if I was any other AFC east I would root for the Pats to lose no matter what because of how sick of there shit I was.
-0.932 The Raiders secondary is bad bad bad bad.
-0.931 I'm going to get downvoted for defending McCarthy but this circlejerk of hatred towards him is so infuriating.
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