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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.961 Some want 'debt-free' or interest free loans, some want full tuition free, some want just state/technical college to be free, some want certain programs free, etc.
0.959 The peace prize is supposed to reward those who preformed great acts toward bringing people together; not a gesture in **HOPES** of bolstering peace.
0.947 I don't think I have any crazy special self confidence or a fantastically perfect life or anything; I'm sure many of my friends are happy to have their lives rather than mine.
0.946 Also, moral relativism aside, I think we can all agree that the best code of ethics is the one which is best for society, the one which serves the greater good.
0.942 It truly is just that the rich love him and the republican politicians love him.
0.941 I usually like seeing the posts people make of their awesome experiences because its nice to see that friends are having fun.
0.940 Sure, but noticing patterns in certain people to prevent theft or maintain safety is just smart, and part of our evolution honestly.
0.938 Got 7D2D during the Thanksgiving sale; I've been loving it so far and keep having to remind myself "this is alpha" Beautiful mix of zombie survivor meets sandbox freedom.
0.938 There are far greater virtues than compassion and kindness - namely honesty and truth.
0.935 Hopefully people will get so fed up they will be happy to have a public option, or better yet full-on single payer and we'll all live happily ever after. As the original ACA intended.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.967 Hell, being uncomfortable by the manner of the death of the subject doesn't even mean thinking that the subjects death wasn't justified or that murdering police officers is okay.
-0.962 >If some drunk moron took it upon himself to both insult my integrity and weigh in on a friend's suicide, I might choke the fucker too.
-0.962 Hell, if the president elect condones religious/ethnic tests for who can enter the country, it's no wonder racist assholes think they have license to harass and intimidate minority groups.
-0.960 Racists have tried to redefine racism so that it excludes them from being racist. Fed up with seeing "No racism is prejudice+random buzzword!"
-0.959 People would answer no but then use the stats about % of violent crime being black and come to the conclusion that blacks are violent people by nature.
-0.957 I wasn't there, but I wouldn't be surprised if civilians were killed, collateral damage is terrible.
-0.957 Even though I fucking hate fundamentalist Christians who kill abortion doctors, I don't go around saying being an anti-choice group makes you a hate group or terrorists.
-0.955 Not taking into account the ones be killed with chemical weapons, the Kuwait war, the ~300 mass graves found during the war.
-0.949 I know they're going through a lot losing family members in this tragedy, but this is akin to suing the box the crazy man stands on in the park when he's screaming his insane theories at people.
-0.949 Don't fucking say that, prison abuse and rape should *not* be a punishment in and of itself.
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