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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.778 This didn't start the subreddit nor was it named after that gif, but it fits perfectly. The one that started it is linked in the subreddit's sidebar https://i.imgur.com/3t1tT.gif
0.772 I love how even the opposing coach had to smile at that one
0.765 Would love to play a few frames on it.
0.705 I don't think it's bad at all :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxpAjyumoaw
0.700 Surely the video is 1000x better with audio
0.637 Agreed, feels like a real missed opportunity, huh?
0.637 But slowed down like that really just lets you appreciate the tactical aspect of what is actually happening.
0.637 I love his little spin move he does afterwards.
0.637 Always love these with volume
0.622 If you want to know what would really happen, chances are the umpire awarded him a ground rule double, which means he advances to second base.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.788 "fuck you don't just like the comment exsplaine this shit" Truly, a quote for the ages.
-0.670 Then they killed him.
-0.643 Never tell me how many fucking times this guy tried this shit. P.S.
-0.593 It also makes a very distinctive sound but again, depending on how hard the ball was actually hit, can be difficult to hear.
-0.586 If you roll a die and get a three, you have an "experimental probability" of 100% for rolling a three, but that's only because of your limited sample size.
-0.572 There is not One statement in your comment that makes sense whatsoever... This is one way to anger r/soccer
-0.542 Barefooted power kick on a basketball fuck me sideways.
-0.542 fuck outta here
-0.542 I'm bad at golf.
-0.521 I'd imagine it would take way more effort to fake this shot than it would be to actually set up and do.
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