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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.915 Fucking top. As an Irish person, it's great to see some of our talent be at the fore of such a big production to tell such a brilliant story.
0.823 But yeah I agree, its super absurd that someone can change the password and email to an account without having access to the email account associated with the account
0.807 Dark Political Drama - House of Cards Politically Incorrect Animated Sitcom - F is for Family Comedy about the realities of sex - Easy Anthology series - Black Mirror or Easy
0.807 Me and two of *my* friends who are big fans of the show love the first episode.
0.802 Its not surface level stuff like Pixels, you can tell they know and care about the stuff. I was just trying to explain why people would like it.
0.802 I really hope every season is like 1 book, like how avatar and legend of korra is set up
0.791 Pretty sure there is something like this.
0.772 The book of love is just a raunchy comedy.
0.765 If you like dramas that lead you miles into the woods only to throw you off a cliff at the end then this is a great series for you.
0.765 I recommend [rabb.it] I use it all the time its awesome.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.772 Holy shit this looks terrible.
-0.659 This truly is the darkest timeline. 2016, wtf is up with you?!
-0.612 No stupid OTT stereotypes or tropes, no Hollywood "Irish" accents, *actual* Irish acting talent.
-0.592 It's on HBO and not Netflix but 7 days in hell is insanely funny!
-0.586 Jesus guys leave this prudy shit at the door.
-0.572 I hate autoplay.
-0.542 My bad, I meant 1440p
-0.527 So, it's Quantum Leap meets Criminal Minds?
-0.511 Rotten Tomatoes owned by Comcast.
-0.511 It's a fake documentary about if the South won the Civil War.
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