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0.958 But I do remember Kevin Love being great, I think starting a guy like Leuer would help a lot if we face up against a team in the playoffs with a good 4 like that.
0.946 Warriors have a VERY positive winrate vs every team pretty much, including the Cavs, Cavs dont even have a positive winrate vs GS in the finals lol
0.941 That's my best friend that's my best friend
0.937 I'm glad we've exposed the best team on paper as mortal so we can enjoy watching teams really go at the warriors instead of just accepting the L when they play them.
0.931 Best first is best best!
0.930 It was the same back when LeBron was the shiny new thing and everyone went bananas over him, it just happens with every great player, especially if they are exciting and play o great teams.
0.926 Great win by the spurs with some great defense.
0.924 Okay, I kinda follow your logic, but my question still stands: What makes them 10 or so wins better than last year?
0.920 Who is better Westbrook or Harden? I strongly believe it's the beard due to the rockets standing, his efficiency and his ability to get to the line as well as his defence improving remarkably.
0.920 The guy who asked for help after he confessed his love for his long time friend is still my favorite.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.923 No one was actually pulled out of their car. Milwaukee has lots of racism problems but being white and having to worry about being pulled out of your car by an angry black mob isn't one of them.
-0.922 I mean he's an asshole but this shit is too ridiculous to not be funny.
-0.910 That's inherent racism with no shame or realization of why it's wrong.
-0.900 fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me
-0.898 Yeah idk in what world people circle jerk over their *love* for the Warriors on this sub. Shit, even I'm one of the guys who hates on your bitch asses.
-0.893 Fuck Green, and especially fuck Durant for being so god damn weak.
-0.892 You ignored the entire podcast that you're pulling from..the one where they say Dolan is at fault. >Walsh wishes Melo hadn't been so selfish and forced a trade Yea he never said this.
-0.888 These Twitter battles between interns under the banner of sports teams are the motherfucking worst thing of our time.
-0.887 You should watch more Lowry. Kyrie was unstoppable and not to say Lowry could have done even close to what Kyrie did throughout those Finals, but shit, Lowry has the goddamn heart of a lion.
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