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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.844 Well, we can tell which dog he likes best.
0.840 Funnily enough I was pretty young and convinced I was a wizard for the longest time. The python ended up escaping the Zoo and eating the Mayor.
0.820 I can't see google docs at work, but sounds like you guys have some really good ideas.
0.805 Sucks for the cougar, but it's fascinating how it's body is covered with some sort of moss/vegetation, just like when you see old shipwrecks.
0.800 Very impressive and kudos to the Egyptians.
0.784 Wow, I'm impressed by the length of this creature.
0.770 Don't worry guys, wasp will be set free as he's not trapped well.
0.765 Looks like a great example of how talons aren't designed to just release when they've locked onto prey.
0.765 This was a good poll, and thanks for reaching out.
0.758 This is a pretty useful defence mechanism against most snake species. However, grass snakes specialise in hunting frogs and have adapted to this.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.932 If you have a farm, you might need many cats to kill all the shit cats can kill.
-0.906 The role of the male is to fuck bitches or die trying.
-0.872 Maybe on my death bed ill ask someone to inject me with a lethal dose of heroin
-0.866 This fucker is the devil.
-0.836 Yeah, ~80 million died in WW1 and WW2, that alone pushes human killings above 725,000 a year for the average year in the 20th century.
-0.836 I've heard at reddit that dogs are horrible at actually killing their prey.
-0.832 This isn't supposed to be national geographic, I want to see shit getting killed.
-0.832 No thought, no fear, no emotion, just.. **gulp**
-0.817 fuck that made me so sad
-0.802 Stop using misleading titles OP. There is no sound so do not write "screaming". Thank you in advance.
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