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0.949 super cool, love the other little gadgets you got going on here too, really fun to play with that midi editor.
0.942 I love reading stuff like that and that was a really good read, thanks for sharing.
0.940 But, I learned early on that you aren't helping anyone, INCLUDING YOURSELF, if you do anything but earnestly try and help them understand and better themselves in a friendly, accepting way.
0.939 It's the best harmony book I've read, a full run down from basic harmony to very advanced stuff, interspersed with real wonderful philosophical digressions.
0.935 When something says "music school" in big bold letters, I assume it's talking about what I love - playing piano. Not sure how money validates that you're a good musician.
0.919 This video is well paced, entertaining, with a great analysis pointing out many things I didn't catch while leisurely listening. Also, /r/gamemusic is loving this.
0.918 To Zanarkand is also one of my favorites - great pick, and I'm glad you found the post helpful!
0.914 Heaven Adores You is definitely a great introduction to Elliott.
0.912 Books that theorists really love, such as the Laitz book, require a pretty good understanding of advanced theory topics that only people with graduate degrees in music theory tend to know.
0.910 Be kind and polite and accepting, answer any question, even if you consider it "stupid" or "too basic" or whatever, and enjoy the nice feeling you get as a result.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.947 to bring a serious note to this: correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall that anything that involved a tritone was representative of evil, or the devil.
-0.927 It's not like he's a surgeon who screwed up and killed someone, at the end of the night it was just a really bad solo.
-0.917 I've struggled with drug abuse and severe depression for most of my life.
-0.869 > The worst is people who think a metronome makes their timing robotic Probably also think that music theory will kill their "creativity".
-0.848 > The worst is people who think a metronome makes their timing robotic The worst are people that teach this.
-0.827 Downvote hell come and attack me, bring it on.
-0.823 That's sad. PS: it's just a mistake, two wrong notes.
-0.813 Seriously If the guys is gonna bomb that bad he shouldn't be taking a solo in the first place.
-0.812 What's the most illegal chord to fuck?
-0.807 It was a really negative experience and the complete lack of other music theory based communities was the only reason I stuck it out.
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