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0.959 Had the great pleasure to see Clint Mansell play a few of the key songs from the soundtrack live, highly recommend if you adore this film like I do.
0.956 Unfortunately it's going to get worse before the year is over, but after that, I hope I can get better and I hope my luck gets better.
0.953 I thought it was great, really offbeat, interesting, loved the humour, colin was good
0.952 All in all, it's pretty dang cool and flattering that a) talented folks are coming on and dropping amazing info and b) that people in the world seem to care about it.
0.951 Yes, but it won an award at the New York International Independent Film Festival.
0.949 Yup haha Amazing what a great script can do to showcase actor's true talents.
0.946 Best of luck, i hope you do have better luck in that industry than i did!
0.945 Got a lot of my friends into it as well. Would love to see a section for TV Shows and Video Games in the future :) I think this format could help people find new stuff in those categories as well
0.943 All these comments about him being a lovable guy, and a great actor are insane!These people haven't even met the guy but he's apparently a super nice dude???
0.943 The reason people still like Love, Actually is that it was a good movie despite all of that, not because of it, on the count of good writing, humor, and very well fleshed out characters.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.973 Yeah, but Evil Dead 2 was pretty much a remake of Evil Dead 1.
-0.942 Martys High Tension I Saw The Devil Where The Dead Go To Die
-0.940 Once upon in China 1,2,3 Drunken Master 1,2 IP Man Kung Fu Killer Kung Fu Hustle Fist of Legend Big Boss Man of Tai Chi
-0.935 Lex Luthor finally is portrayed a bit strange, but we are witnessing a young Lex Luthor who by the end of the movie has become the fully evil villain with a very Heath Ledger approach to it.
-0.933 He stole the money, but the girl from The Killing and Terrence Howard were murdering the team.
-0.932 Towards the end of this terrible series of religious propaganda wrapped up in shit storytelling, Bella gets pregnant and is so unbelievably pro-birth that she allows the pregnancy to kill her.
-0.930 While hopping into a thread and saying nothing but "this movie isn't good" doesn't add much to discussion, saying "if you don't like this movie you have shit taste" isn't much better.
-0.930 Eisenberg is the only really bad thing about the movie, but it's not bad enough to ruin it for me.
-0.925 It does a good job of preying on the common fears of isolation, infection, body horror, authority figures being powerless, having to avoid being seen, and things attacking from above.
-0.924 Ah, no worries then, sometimes I just like to talk shit about shit that don't matter for shit.
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