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0.930 I'm 3 years in commuting around SF and its awesome having a bike...you save so much time and it's pretty fun to boot.
0.929 Glad to see the handmade gift thing is alive and well, this is great
0.926 I've taken my best friend for a few rides, she's actually a pretty good passenger.
0.916 1) create something awesome like that 2) open online store on Etsy and sell said item 3) ??? 4) PROFIT
0.913 Probably just trying to help, but as you said probably didn't know shit about bikes so couldn't be much more helpful than just asking if you're ok.
0.904 It sounds like you were just fine. It's usually pretty easy to spot the difference between guys like you and guys that just want to get laid from the first words out of their mouth.
0.900 I love the feel of 3rd and 4th gear -- the 30mph to 50mph range is so responsive and fun. What's your intention with the R3?
0.899 I can't speak for all women out there, but if a guy comes up to me and has something intelligent to say about bikes, that's awesome!
0.893 Can someone recommend me a leather jacket that looks great and has great protection at around $300-$400?
0.893 Honestly Utah gets a bad rep but it's pretty great.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.951 fwiw Contimotions are the SHITTIEST shit shit shit tire I have ever had.
-0.945 I get that it was a big journey, but if a BMW broke down in the middle of Russia they were fucked, and if it wasn't for their support team they very likely could of been stuck.
-0.941 it severely disliked turns at speed, and would try to kill you for being so stupid.
-0.909 Kick ass bike but such a bitch to kick start after a season or two of neglect.
-0.905 No one saw me, but I was still embarrassed as all hell.
-0.905 So, there's no doubt Tom's a bad ass.
-0.900 Neat idea, but that one is huge, ugly, and just no. But I bet it does a hell of a stoppie!
-0.896 I don't know why but I had to open the comments and say that I HATE your exhaust it makes me really mad, your life will improve if it is remove
-0.886 If you believe a running car will kill a bike's charging system then for all the same reasons so would a running bike, and a running bike won't kill another bike when jumping, ergo...
-0.879 Nur optische Sachen die gewechselt werden mssen Translation: > He was more shocked than hurt.
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