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0.964 :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
0.925 And I say this as someone who actively produces comedic video edits, like the ones you wish to allow. I, for one, enjoyed the classical parodies of CoD/gaming montages.
0.911 Most guys around here use Sony Vegas, it's cheaper and apparently easier to learn, but I love the Adobe creative cloud apps.
0.904 Wow that's Benny from The Axis of Awesome ). Must have a lot of free time on his hands.
0.900 :) :) :) :)
0.888 But if someone makes a really great video we think it's pretty funny and thus we should move with the memes.
0.874 Moderators do care about the subreddit, but we can't make parodymakers actually put in more effort, because the only real incentive on reddit is to gain upvotes.
0.848 Furry friends are hilarious friends!
0.836 It was fresh, funny, and won Post of the Week.
0.832 Sure, there is a huge gap between Materialisimo and a beginner in terms of editing skill, but as long as the newbie can make something genuinely funny, it'll do well.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.832 Clearly some are better at it than others, and now more than ever I've been seeing a stream of shitty videos, but to say that all MPs are poor and cringeworthy is plain wrong.
-0.791 holy shit Next level conspiracy stuff man
-0.680 There are a lot of people in this thread saying that the genre is completely dead -- yet they're still subscribed.
-0.673 it'd dead dude lmao, 99 percent of those people are only still subscribed here cause they're too lazy or don't care enough to unsubscribe
-0.625 snipars is smothering the retarded fetus of montage parodies he created so long ago
-0.602 If everyone sticks to dew & doritos for all of their videos they won't see success anymore, and we'll just have more people like OP complaining about how all montage parodies now suck.
-0.557 oh shit my cover was blown
-0.557 Holy shit hahahaha
-0.542 How the fuck is this a montage K
-0.511 And Snipars' video about montage parodies was just a dick move.
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