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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.953 This looks amazing and has so many nice features that will help us out I just want to say that I appreciate the work you are putting in to making modding easier Thank you!
0.920 I look forward to carrying on the amazing legacy you've contributed to reddit and wish you the best on your continued adventures.
0.872 Actually looks better since it's more consistent and I'm sure it's much easier from the advertising side for clients. Good call on that.
0.864 Sorry about that, it got pushed down since a lot of our sidebar is absolutely positioned :P Also, I would like to echo turikk's question on a larger stylesheet/better controls =D
0.847 NOOOO!!!!! /u/deimorz has been amazing for reddit. You should make /r/subredditsimulator a default in his honor.
0.845 > Doubling the sidebar character count, so 10,240 characters Love this, thanks!
0.827 Is there a best shitposter of 2016 award?
0.802 Best of luck in your new endeavors.
0.792 :D /r/Overwatch would appreciate it!
0.791 Now I can finally get my other subs on board as well :) For teams turning this one, it is probably good to know what to expect.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.862 These discussions are poisoned by that kind of negativity and debates rapidly decline into fanboy shouting matches and insults.
-0.855 You should feel bad for implementing this disaster.
-0.832 Also if banned, shows the ban reason) - Replying incognito - No more scrolling through an endless page mails to find one you are looking for --- ~~also u/tizorres* :P~~
-0.816 - Conversation sidebar with all sorts of information about the user mailing!!! - When a user is banned it will show that information togerther with the ban reason.
-0.751 Otherwise you will end up with a messy situation where half of your mods are complaining about how terrible new modmail is.
-0.727 I highly suspect this will be fine for some subs but horrid for others with my experience here. The largest subs will get the largest influx of people seeking these points.
-0.700 **This is hilarious** considering the serious serious spam problem we are facing with account farmers.
-0.649 Their main weapon against this is now ruined.
-0.649 How would you now hide the results against vote cheating?
-0.645 FYI, the link explaining how to properly identify spam, point 7 in the moddiquette, has a bunch of dead links. https://www.reddit.com/r/Moderating/comments/cz6zu/identifying_spammers_101/
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