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0.944 I came in here to comment on the obvious, zoophilia vibes, but your comment is honestly amazing and I am now deeply fulfilled and have no desire to do so anymore.
0.926 When you enjoy it, it's a really intense enjoyment, so that you can have 1 piece of chocolate and get a good endorphin rush both from the chocolate itself and how good it tastes.
0.920 Savor the powerful almost oversweet aroma that escapes as the halves fall open.   Pause for a moment and admire the structure of this marvelous creation.
0.916 Windsors aren't as bad but there are better symmetrical knots out there that look better like the Cape and Pratt.
0.914 Appreciate that the joyful taste in your mouth and the increasing satisfaction in your belly come from nothing more than soil, water, and sunshine.
0.911 But lizards can reproduce through facultative parthenogenisus, which is pretty cool too. So for you casuals: if it's born alive and had a placenta, like a human, it's OK to say pregnant.
0.908 Luckily OP can easily clean up all the shit.
0.902 I'm pretty sure they were explaining the joke to a now-deleted comment, not changing the meaning of it. You should learn how to spell the holiday you celebrate, you're ruining Hanukkah.
0.875 [DELIVERED] Edit: Haha I love you /u/astariaxv thank you for the gold!
0.874 This is how the story went: High Schooler: "Teacher, what's this funny looking thing in the microscope" Teacher: "Oh wow, it looks like that's a bug!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.926 > While there are plenty of men who are suffering in situations of domestic abuse, a single ad can't hope to simultaneously address every social issue Strawman and bullshit at the same time.
-0.908 Hate that dumb shit, then they keep looking straight when you try to scold them while you over take them
-0.898 Electricity will kill you even at relatively low voltages and even if you know what you're doing you can be seriously hurt.
-0.881 ''at the wall'' yeah right good thing you missed you savage
-0.875 This would be the most evil prank ever to copy this form letter and drop it on some ~~friends~~ enemies.
-0.869 If the bone were to get infected he could lose the leg or die.
-0.866 Ash from Evil Dead alt account found.
-0.863 Write your initials and date in the white border area of the suspected counterfeit note. If the goal is to preserve the fake bill why in the hell would they say to write on it?
-0.853 I guess my inner monolog is a little bit racist because I definitely read that in an offensively bad Chinese accent.
-0.844 Too bad I'm burning in hell regardless
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