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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.974 As a junior beekeeper it makes me super duper happy to see that reddit is concerned about bees, they're such wonderful creatures and absolutely fascinating, I'm so thrilled you all love them too!
0.927 Apparently she had some kind of Beautiful Mind-esque setup at home to track where winning scratchoffs had been purchased and the number of grand prize tickets still left in each game.
0.925 Best Buy also price matches themselves :D My old mouse crapped out on me and I saw online that Best Buy was selling a new mouse I wanted for a few bucks off.
0.925 I love how they have to say, "We are dedicated to safe and ethical advertising practices."
0.925 I don't like the huge Polo logo either, but I honestly thought the United States' uniforms were some of the best looking in the opening ceremony.
0.925 well at least it's somewhat honest about it, unlike olive oil, which might as well say "best of luck to you on the contents of this bottle".
0.920 It's got a pretty good selection of fiction too, for those of us who read for pleasure in our free time.
0.918 I love it when Malaysia is in the news, both in good and bad light, but the best ones are usually the funny ones.
0.917 Come on, liberty bell, please, please, please, please, please.
0.900 It was pretty decent, we won about $1600 and bought a brand new plasma tv with it. The kick in the guts though was that the one number we needed to win div 1 was 18.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.953 I tried to educate these people, but not sure I succeeded. Even worse was this one asshole that wanted to buy many gallons of the insecticide you spray on your lawn to kill grubs.
-0.938 The rage in me right now makes no sense! WHAT THEY FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!
-0.931 Fuck that place and latestagecaptalism quick to call out when people are treated wrong when it's supporting there case but call them out for inciting violence and ban.
-0.927 Then you hear staples bitch about how online stores are killing the market and are evil.
-0.925 I don't know about America but here in the UK it's illegal to purposely kill bees, you have to get a specialist to remove the hive.
-0.922 Remaining 20% are either dumb fuckers who piss you off, people trying to haggle beyond the point of making a profit from the sale, or impatient bastards.
-0.916 Hate hate HATE this.
-0.912 That misaligned shit sticks to your arm hair and hurts as hell!
-0.909 Sure, the restaurant's supposed to make up the difference if you don't get it, but how long will it be before they fire you? And btw, I find this argument to be utter bullshit.
-0.905 r/The_Dumbass) who act like they're forums for rational debate but ban anybody who questions the alt-right narrative that blacks and Jews are cancer, for example.
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