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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.930 Since we were a team of two we kind of went home with a lot of money. Not a real achievement, but still pretty cool :D
0.925 If you had an expected value for each country's medal count, then the team's expected value would be the expected number of medals multiplied by the respective number of points per medal.
0.900 You might like the videos by /u/3Blue1Brown like [this one] If you find that interesting, then you don't have to worry about how good you are at math.
0.900 Look up distilling free form natural laws from data Eureqa is a pretty sweet program.
0.881 In terms of your enjoyment, do you do it for being praised, good grades, money or the feeling of superiosity?
0.877 But a wiser mathematician stood up. "Euler Euler Euler Euler Euler Euler." The audience applauded more -- definitely a more elegant proof.
0.875 I love how passionate and excited he is about whatever he's talking about.
0.856 That's it man, you undid the greatest work of one of the greatest mathematical geniuses to ever live in these 40 characters
0.856 In college algebra this semester, and we briefly covered greatest integer functions, defined as being the greatest integer less than or equal to the input.
0.853 I am a 9th grader who is pretty average at math but is really interested in pursuing mathematical competitions like the amc or math Olympiad.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.840 I just failed my first math course, I failed Abstract Algebra. It really makes me question if pure math isn't for me and perhaps majoring in math was a mistake .
-0.832 [Pl Turn] was being worked to death under the harshest of conditions in Nazi germany.
-0.784 The single digits are simple computation problems, the 40s are difficult term projects, and a 50 is an open problem.
-0.783 In terms of this thread topic, it just had been a while since I had to deal with so much confusion and lack of details, and the resulting frustration.
-0.772 If it's the second, is the enemy of the same level and does the same amount of Damage to you, regardless what level you are?
-0.768 I tried this time but I was so lost with maths that I didn't know what to ask so that's something I am now planning to make up for, I can't keep going like this.
-0.743 The worst: Ep 105, Prime Suspect.
-0.727 And some, I assume, are good people." Taken as a whole, he's calling large chunks of Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists.
-0.718 He says that not having a bachelors, nor solid As in my math courses, nor a great GRE score will not help me. this is accurate advice.
-0.712 You don't want to become so overwhelmed with fear of the future that you don't recognize true happiness in a different form. If you don't go to grad school then you still have value.
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