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0.948 Either you're at least moderately rich or truly, really, love love the scarf.
0.937 if it was 5-10 i'd be np but there's too many other good games at a 20 dollar price range that i think i'd get much more value and enjoyment out of.
0.926 Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates, and happy holidays to everyone.
0.914 If you treat some of the stores as museums, it's a lot of fun, and MAC's employees were super nice when we went there.
0.907 Aesthetically it's a lot more casual as far as techwear goes but everything is made of technical fabrics like weatherproof Ventile cotton and super fine merino wool.
0.907 It certainly looks authentic in the pics, but the best place to truly authenticate it would be at a consignment shop that deals in luxury goods .
0.906 However standing out in a positive way, as in picking nicer colors, having clothes be more fitted/of nicer quality is a way to show good style sensibilities.
0.902 Compared to the East Coast, the snow is perfect, temperature is amazing, people are so nice. Skiied Alta, Snowbird, and Deer Valley so far.
0.902 /S Jk, like other ppl said, Dad's aren't in alignment with the chakras of fashion and fit -- if he's making fun of you it looks good and he doesn't understand why.
0.893 Bar III at Macy's have fit me great and have lasted a long time for a decent price and the folks who tend to work in those departments are nice and competent.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.928 I mean I'm not a fan of low rise but really I struggle to figure out wtf is low rise and wtf is midrise.
-0.911 I picked them up a couple seasons ago, but I'm sorry my Google Fu wasn't strong enough to find a pair online.
-0.894 * fucking destroyed achillies low white CPs * brand new achillies low white CPs * semi destroyed achillies mid * derby shines
-0.852 It was usually manageable but got worse and worse the last few years.
-0.844 Super fun, even though I'm terrible, but now I'm sore as hell.
-0.826 They don't win anymore. So you know, people talk about fascist mods like its a bad thing.
-0.813 I have no problem admitting that I had a lot of bad purchases in the first half of 2016.
-0.813 I know it's not their normal style, but I'd buy the hell out of a 'dad hat'.
-0.806 Anyway, he knew some of the people at the station, so getting violent would have ended badly for me.
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