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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.900 That's a nice man :-) Wish you all the best.
0.889 Congratulations, please pet him for me :D and take lots of pictures, they grow so fast!
0.886 Haha yes she's definitely still figuring out how to go from clumsy/lanky kitten to graceful feline
0.885 Terminal case of RBF but a beautiful cat :)
0.881 Wow, beautiful tuffs, he looks like a little bobcat.
0.880 Truly a magnificent creature! Any more pictures of the elegant monkey?
0.872 She's gorgeous, hope she gets adopted soon :)
0.869 Please please please shower her adoring internet fans with lots of photos as she grows!
0.855 A beautiful, glorious monster!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.807 certified bad ass right there!
-0.769 The one on the left has a constant inner battle raging over whether or not it'd be worth it to scratch your eyeballs out.
-0.681 Oh the mad dashes....with crazy eyes.
-0.674 "WTF is THAT on the floor?
-0.660 I know it's hit and miss with cats in general - our female MC will straight up murder anyone who tries.
-0.585 Too bad she is so far away from me!
-0.583 But I already have two cats anyway, so probably not a good fit.
-0.572 Main Coon's hate being cuddled.
-0.572 Thank youuu, but the one on the left is a total dick.
-0.566 Right? He looks so severe!
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