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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.960 but one thing i can notice about this magic the gathering is it is super fucking awesome and fun.
0.942 French is awesome, the best, and don't worry was already in love with the language.
0.941 I have a friend who loves his fungus deck and I think it would be a pretty nice gift.
0.937 If you'd like to try out [mine!], *I* think it's a ton of fun, and leads to better play experiences than the MODO cubes :D
0.937 It seems like Magic attracts a certain type of analytical mindset in a person, one that craves value and winning over having fun.
0.932 Wow this is a great reminder of how awesome this game used to be... EDIT: I'm not sure if people thought I was being sarcastic or what, I loved this era of magic.
0.932 A Masterpiece of super swanky full art lands would actually be pretty popular I imagine
0.931 I can't remember where I saw it, but I'm pretty sure we have confirmation that they're doing another Masterpiece series.
0.928 At the SOI pre release there was a group of 5 kids around the same ages and they played each other the entire time but it was pretty cool seeing them so interested at a young age.
0.927 It's banned in everything so he can't play it except for fun with friends but it's super awesome

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.968 Sin Prodder is still questionable but if you can ramp fast enough and hurt your opponent quick enough Sin Prodder will kill your opponent through burn.
-0.948 Basically, the entire weatherlight and invasion blocks aren't so much hero's killing villains, as heroes surviving while villains kill each other.
-0.922 I think they're both broken as hell in different ways, and the fact that everyone seems to argue for one or the other being more broken is a testament to that.
-0.914 But...there is always a but, if the attacking creature has "trample" then all of the damage gets through if the blocking creature is flickered.
-0.911 Some people whine about having their spells countered but they'd whine about having them removed too, you have to ignore the salty haters.
-0.902 Normally it is how you described and how The Villager described it, if attacking creature is blocked, and the blocking creature is flickered then no damage is dealt.
-0.893 You also fail to consider how many horror stories we hear about bad LGSs.
-0.882 With only half of the cards a normal eight person pod would have, a bad pack is much more painful, so adding more lessens that pain.
-0.856 We have to draw our own lines on what we do despite people disliking it, but I think every time you're offending someone, you should at least listen to the person you're offending.
-0.852 PRINT SOME GOD DAMNED REMOVAL. Seriously, the lack of good removal is making standard shitty, and it is making limited miserable.
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