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0.934 Haha I love this video, thanks for posting :D
0.890 shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!!
0.872 I get political posts being downvoted, but comparing a recent dance move's name and a long-held stoner term is perfectly valid in this context :p Chill out anti-MJ bros, we can all coexist.
0.870 The best bit is how SUPER SALTY everyone is getting.
0.852 I bet you celebrated all this recent publicity by sharing a single cider with several of your mates, taking selfies with a slice of bread on your head, and daring someone to take a bath!
0.841 As long as he's not one of the heretics who don't strain the noodles. I told a guy at work that and he was like, "I like it better this way." ?????
0.827 I love that she included your Reddit username in there... >When I spoke over Skype with /r/madlads creator, known by thenom de lad ANUS_CAPTAIN, Lmfao
0.762 Man, that spez guy is a **really nice person who is very also very handsome indeed**
0.758 I hope op posts the video of themselves drinking all that tea, hahaha it's gonna be fucking epic.
0.749 im 13 years old i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind its our favorite tv show!!!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.942 I love this sub but damn if it isn't a bunch of rich white kids doing shit poor people do every day and thinking they're rad
-0.871 utterly destroyed by harsh criticism!
-0.751 Mods pls ban this maniac
-0.751 It's in quotes too - did another mad lad say this and this one is just returning the mad tale?
-0.718 Shit is crazy.
-0.718 I put some raw eggs in with the hard boiled ones and fuck it I got bored typing this out
-0.710 You got me, you crazy bastard.
-0.709 Someone stop them before they hurt someone!
-0.649 Someone needs to put a stop to this before someone gets arrested.
-0.637 "The Mad Dick" Are we sure his name isn't Aerys?
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