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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 The terminal might look like an interface from the 70s - it is - but it's super powerful and where a lot of work gets done. Get comfortable with running basic commands in a terminal.
0.924 A well-configured shell, particularly one like zsh which has really good tab-completion, just seems far more flexible and easy to use than a dedicated file manager.
0.918 You can minimise the damage that Javascript may cause through sandboxing, etc, but of course the best thing to do security wise is just turn it off.
0.912 If your distro wants to work like the huge ones like Ubuntu you must accept how certain things work or accept being left to the techy people.
0.902 Yeah bunch of packages, but its pretty easy and straight forward since its mostly a replacement of bins
0.900 It's a true beauty of FOSS, and just really awesome tech.
0.888 Their current GPUs are making great progress on the mid-range end of things, and their upcoming CPUs seem to have Intel rather worried, haha. Of course, their GPU drivers still need time to mature.
0.878 Wouldn't you want to use debian stable?? For a router probably OpenWRT, but indeed Arch is a good choice because of the excellent platform support by ALARM .
0.866 I have to reboot it to get video output again. Besides that, they work perfectly and I really love the platform.
0.861 They are definitely not tied to Debian-based Distros, especially considering the best support at the moment comes in Fedora. Sorry, they're tied to their base image.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.851 This makes it simpler as you can forget about broken dependencies. I know someone is going to say "That's what package managers are for you fucking retarded mongrol!
-0.847 Context matters, but people don't bother to read for it! No wonder the discussions on Reddit and Phoronix go basically to hell!
-0.846 That could work in the short-term, but it makes things a hell of a lot easier for AMD if it is mainlined, because out-of-tree modules tend to be a pain when they don't apply cleanly.
-0.836 DRM is a necessary evil no matter how much you argue it isn't.
-0.834 Not really, this isn't the early 2000s anymore and you can get pretty kick ass performance on 32 bit or smaller ints, 64 bit is still meh but in no way bad on a parallel algorithm.
-0.828 this is the guy that bitches about people not using linux because it works so much better than mac and windows, then bitches about people using it cause they are doing it wrong.
-0.813 Would you say that it is more an obscure settings in the documentation problem or compilation fails due to dirty code?
-0.807 I still hate using MS office products because of the crappy interface and having to hunt for everything.
-0.802 As crappy as Phoronix's reporting can be, the benchmarks tend to be okay-ish. Besides, Nvidia uses a lot of hacks, and doesn't follow the OpenGL standard, meaning shit breaks on AMD cards.
-0.800 I'm not sure it's currently broken or if I'm just doing something wrong, so keep that in mind.
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