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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.955 Love how the friend looks at him after hes free like 'oh my goodness are you ok honey?
0.940 Well sure but they enjoy actual food, even just vegetables and meat bits a lot better than they seem to enjoy dry dog kibbles.
0.932 Once you've seen a few instances of each, it's pretty easy to tell the two apart. As for social intelligence, yeah, they're reasonably sophisticated.
0.920 The question is does the dog love pinball or does he love how much his owner loves pinball?
0.902 I went there and they hand you a bunch of shrimp in your hand to attract them and they eat out of your hand.
0.900 I bloody love cows but I wish I didn't love burgers.
0.898 Loving pets in the same way i love a nice juicy burger or..
0.891 Yeah I was gunna say it looks like a toy for the bird - especially because there's like, one treat in that "treat storage" box.
0.889 But eventually, we got her free, and they did the cutest little happy dance when they were reunited.
0.885 Only a few animals use tools, but we are clearly the best with them.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.946 And we started burying our dead so theres not a bunch of dead bodies laying around stinking up the place and making everyone sick.
-0.943 This is a sad gif to watch, but she is burying her dead, we bury our dead.
-0.931 fuck fuck fuck why did I watch this. :(
-0.924 Especially after being forced to smell its parents ass for punishment, poor little guy!
-0.912 well I don't know the name, but the Gallagher guy sings the word "sunshine" as "soon-SHE-ayn!" Bloody hell does it get on my nerves.
-0.911 One time a pit bull attacked him and I had to break it up, dog fights are Fucking dangerous and scary.
-0.906 I'm sorry that it's apparently scary to you, but the fact is your fear stems from a lack of understanding of dog behavior, and not from any actual aggression on the dog's part.
-0.896 "Motherfucking humans just throwing their stupid shit all over my place"
-0.885 Holy shit I could own a lynx...one of my favorite animals...but that's so fucked up :( Also /r/lynxes
-0.882 Nice edit you fucking twat, your old comment was "DAE not take highschool history XDDDDDD" go fuck yourself for fucking changing that shit.
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