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0.868 This is also a really good solution for staying over at a friend, significant other, or date's place.
0.852 Also the shield of the wire which helps prevent electrical interference will be thicker. Like the OP said, it's always great to identify the conductor size when buying a cable.
0.848 I'm pretty good friends with the guy actually.
0.848 If you have something like "team leader", you'd best be ready to back it up with a discussion of that in the interview.
0.818 It is not releveant that you "like to read and play guitar", unless it IS interesting for that job, such as something in the music industry. * Be prepared to talk about everything on your resume.
0.765 Works for 'wod cabinet' Seems like a great way to get results without ads.
0.743 Thanks for the kind words.
0.735 Hey, a real, honest-to-god lifehack that is clever and useful!
0.727 I use a pretty good app called Sync for Reddit.
0.718 If you really want to make one of these, I recommend this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF-KcvZjW3E Clickspring is way better.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.807 And even those materials fail because of physical stress and fatigue or corrosion.
-0.784 I once saw a guy get in a fight with a stop sign that looked at him wrong on schofield.
-0.735 **its* for crying out loud, that apostrophe is wrong.
-0.718 I was in 2 different Marriotts in the last few months and neither had it, I think I would go crazy if I couldn't hook my own shit up to the TV.
-0.681 That must be one hell of a bag.
-0.681 Hell, when you're as old as I am you simply keep your shoes tied and use the "slipper method".
-0.670 The whole reason I created bobby-tables.com was that I was tired of re-explaining over and over why SQL injection is bad. Injection is the #1 vulnerability in OWASP's 2013 top ten.
-0.648 Chargers without labels are manufactured in a place with extremely low standards and tolerances and could damage your device and burn your house down.
-0.637 "I feel like the fork would stab the cling wrap and get the plate dirty.
-0.625 Stop the Madness
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