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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.973 So proud and happy for you :) Hope you have a wonderful Pride month and a wonderful life!
0.973 I dunno, but anything that "is fabulous" should be shared around, right? All the best and I hope it's real haha.
0.969 Not to downplay his success, but I think it's more important that his son is a kind, caring individual with respect for others than just insanely personally wealthy.
0.962 As a parent, I not only accept you, but whole heartedly embrace you, and cheer you on for finding someone who you love and loves you back. You keep being you.
0.954 Tracer was the first hero I played in beta and is still one of my favorite heros This made me really happy to see :)
0.954 My best friend is a gay woman and she is kind, smart and has a lovely heart. And, is this guy, Christensen, a Mormon?
0.953 I only hope that some of those women in the rally saw this happy couple and were like, This isnt so bad, WTF am I even doing here?
0.950 \* I might have been a little strong here but a friend was behaving like Malcom Turnbull was some brave equality crusader doing the best he could and it gave me the shits.
0.950 The post transition pic of you is so pretty and really brings out your gorgeous eyes! Edit: and it makes me a little extra happy because my girlfriend is also a trans woman with beautiful eyes
0.948 I know they can have a reputation for being selfish assholes but they can be really sweet and affectionate and it's super cute to hear them purr when you pet them

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.961 A platform was given to hate filled evil people to spread their vile lies. Fuck you Malcom Turnbull.
-0.957 I hate to say it but I can't help but be suspicious, especially when every fake report only does us harm.
-0.956 Unlike some who have to suffer abuse and misery from their right wing loser Christian, poor excuse for parents.
-0.951 The only trouble is, doin that gets one of their hateful angry nonsense rants to show up on YOUR Facebook page and thus your less aware Facebook friends now think you are angry and hateful
-0.948 People discriminate against us, make cruel jokes, and murder us for being trans, and somehow us being depressed and/or wanting to kill ourselves ISN'T caused by all of that?
-0.932 Struggling between my hate for the military and how it's really bad for queer people worldwide and my hate for anti-queer legislation.
-0.929 If suicide is a sin, does that mean that he thinks all the jumpers on 9/11 are going to hell?
-0.927 It's a fine line and a battle so argue with him about unions as you may but to combine his presidential policy with the fight pollutes the ideas the unions are trying to fight for.
-0.927 This isn't to suggest to run headfirst into violent situations, but suggesting these two men were in the wrong for speaking their minds is victim blaming.
-0.926 Leaving aside the gay thing, murder and suicide are two totally different sins, dog.
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