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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.909 You can always try filling stuff in with your own creations, but the exterior is gorgeous and what little detail it has is very nice.
0.908 Its nowhere in scale but looks pretty good. Have not assembled it though, cannot find the space to fit it.
0.878 Thx :) Ha, good memory!
0.852 Defensor is my favorite Autobot Combiner, and your model does him good justice.
0.844 Love it, such a beautiful design.
0.832 I must have gotten that set in some sort of special circumstance, like on vacation and it was the only LEGO I had with me or something, because I just super vividly remember that thing especially.
0.829 OK thanks, that's useful advice.
0.823 I still love it for the vibrant colour.
0.818 [Assembly best faction] LEGO Universe was fun.
0.802 I'd love to do this for my first bricklinked build :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.887 Not a reason to get fired but it is painfully annoying.
-0.790 I'm just digging into it and I can already tell this is an epic set that was far from a bad deal at $200 and a steal for 30% off that!
-0.784 We've already had a kid get crushed by a tree. Shit's brutal, man.
-0.717 He advised use of the soft type tree so that harsh forces to hard plastic would be avoided.
-0.714 My mom was going to kill me; but my grandmother took the blame.
-0.670 I wanted that set so bad when I was a kid, and also now.
-0.660 That is strange as they just started making that 1x1 round tile in black this year and its in the star wars advent calendar as a puck
-0.655 I was initially thinking "but what about all the fighter plane sets, both Lego and Technics?", but then I had another thought: How does that policy work out for Star Wars sets?
-0.598 Is it really illegal?
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