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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.960 Can we go ahead and award this the best followup post of 2016, and give OP an award for best post series of the decade or add him to a purpose built hall of fame?
0.945 Your best way of helping her would be to work through your network of friends and family to see if anyone has a lead on a job for a compassionate and honorable employee.
0.941 I love being a grandmother, it's a great gift! Finally, Kudos to you and your wife for having your Will and Guardianship established.
0.938 Sorry, but if someone actually wanted to be clean for years and had chance after chance to get clean but didn't, then that person won't be clean today or tomorrow or the next day.
0.935 from OP saying he woulda paid up but for the advice of this obscure backwater of Internet advice, I'm thinking these scammers have a pretty good success rate.
0.932 Then I have $5,000 dollars worth of items from Best Buy because I won a $5,000 Best Buy shopping spree in a competition, so my laptop, video games, digital camera etc.
0.929 If they are logs accept your fate, if they show you the actually site again accept your fate but enjoy the fact someone looked at porn because of you. Now, the best part.
0.927 Thank you for the update but I'm sincerely happy this has turned out well for you.
0.926 Good. You have been dealt a rough hand; glad to hear you are getting help and support.
0.922 Great work and I'm happy the outcome worked so well in your favor.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.985 rape as part of a burglary, rape with serious injury, rape with threat of severe injury or death, etc).
-0.963 I hope we don't hear from you again, but if we do, it's gonna be some scary shit for you and infuriating shit for us.
-0.961 Last night she bit the hell out of the webbing between my thumb and index finger all for the horrendous crime of trying to put a coat on her skinny ass so she wont freeze while taking a dump.
-0.958 I was addressing the point that /u/Lampwick made that "California Rape by fraud only applies..." with a different circumstance where rape by fraud can happen in the state of California.
-0.939 Scumbag manager and the cops should be punished or atleast whoever led them to believe OP was a dead beat and arrested.
-0.938 I don't know when everyone got all soft on financial abuse and fraud. OP, your mom is a goddamn thief who *stole thousands of dollars from you*.
-0.935 If a 9 year old manages to overpower you with a weapon, or molests you while you're unconscious, I don't see how you could be blamed for raping them.
-0.926 it's a small step from accusing him of raping her to stabbing him in the backyard because a voice in her head told her to do it to stop him from raping her
-0.926 I'm just being a bitch because I'm appalled at the judge who decided this poor guy should be on the hook because of her terrible life choices.
-0.922 That's the kind of shit that makes people turn to drinking to kill the rage.
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