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0.937 Some have a *lot* more than others, but even then they can be overcome. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you may be going through.
0.925 Cmder is so super awesome, has made me much more efficient, especially since I could simply use the commands I already knew from using linux.
0.920 This is a brave endeavor and I wish you nothing but immense amounts of success and luck.
0.915 Just try to get comfortable with the concept, gain experience by doing, and form your own valuable opinions :)
0.915 Free as in free beer, my friend :)
0.908 I've been looking for a 'best practices' book like that for a while - thanks for the recommendation! What would you say the prerequisites are for being able to comprehend a book like that? (E.g.
0.906 So yeah, I think the trend towards predictive coding and even more advanced use of AI/machine learning platforms will only increase in law. Good luck man!
0.903 It's more of a guideline for how you should make your code look/read - parts are a bit advanced, but I really enjoyed it and I feel like I'm not much more advanced than you are.
0.898 I quite like brackes for web development, kind of like notepad++ just also supports previews on chrome, something to help create a design made in Photoshop and code completetion
0.896 Would love to see everyone get back there once more, this time with a trustworthy owner :)

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-0.883 Unless the problem is stupid simple you'll always end up using something else and without memory you'd be fantastically doomed.
-0.878 I wouldn't normally take advice from an evil Vala, but you sir, gave a hell of a tip
-0.868 This is horribly frustrating, and there's no way for the best designed C++ course in the world to get around the frustration. Python and Java don't have such huge cliffs in the difficulty curve.
-0.857 Contemplate on that. Winners never quit, quitters never win, but the one who never quits yet never wins is an idiot.
-0.852 I disagree. Broken code gets fixed Crappy is forever
-0.848 I believe this is why most PHP code is so bad, because most PHP developers simply never learned how to properly structure programs, and the result is chaos.
-0.799 Its frustrating because I learned this shit on my own.
-0.791 That's a bad, bad analogy.
-0.784 Stop trying to murder someone to get somewhere 30 seconds faster.
-0.770 I stopped Concerta because it gave me very sharp stomach pains in my lower abdomin, similar to having gas that can't escape.
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