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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.918 I think I'd be happy with your before, but you're making great progress!
0.915 I AM primarily doing it to help manage my bipolar but the weight loss is a great aside :) This looks like it may be more up my alley.
0.914 Cheers to feeling awesome :D
0.913 Congrats on all your awesome progress as well!
0.909 I felt this was a successful party for me because I didn't have the urge to drink beer, because I LOVE beer.
0.904 I'm doing my best to make sure something like the train incident doesn't happen again, because it was pretty awful haha.
0.893 That's super coolio, keep going strong, friend!
0.893 Sugar free jello and cool whip is pretty good.
0.893 Now that I'm over the hump and healthy eating is routine for me, I'll allow myself to have treats like a single serving of cool whip on a single serving of sugar free jello.
0.888 I myself am a big fan of certain veggies which I find delicious and flexible enough to fit into just about any meal: okra, bean sprouts (esp.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.929 Not sure how well I'm going to do keto-wise, but I am prepared to have my first cheat day in 2 months if worst comes to worst.
-0.877 I just wanted to jump into keto so badly that I tried to ignore the symptoms, which was really dumb.
-0.832 Better answers will come after this but no need to EVER worry about celery or avocado unless your calories are crazy high.
-0.827 I have awful awful gut problems after transitioning to a moderate carb diet after keto.
-0.784 No one ever pays me in insults :(
-0.784 They are known for being notorious attention whores.
-0.778 I really hate this new exercise is useless ideology.
-0.764 Even all these years later they are still incredibly disgusting to me :(
-0.758 Im essentially asymptomatic after years of depression, anxiety, hypo mania and a hospitalization from a psychotic nervous breakdown at uni.
-0.751 Worst case, I'll just leave some of the food on the plate or take it home for the next day if it doesn't fit my macros.
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