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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.965 You look amazing, congratulations! Just wanted to say a quick thank you for posting this, it's really motivating to find someone of similar stats be so successful!
0.965 she looks like that really pretty girl from awhile back.." And I checked your submissions and yes it is you :) Good job on the amazing progress.
0.964 I haven't started yet but stories like this really make me a believer. I just came here to say you are inspirational and congrats on your success!!
0.962 It looks like you are taking better care of yourself in general as well. Better dressed, beard is more neatly trimmed, and not a hair out of place. Great job!
0.962 But to be honest it looks like more than 20 so I'm happy :P But you're progress is absolutely inspiring!!
0.961 You saved your own life, and put a new lease on it at the same time! This is what commitment looks like! You are a champ! I wish you the very best of birthdays, and many, many more!
0.961 You look fantastic and you are absolutely adorable :D just have to work on that self confidence a little :) I'm sure it will come.
0.960 AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING - such an inspiration!
0.959 I am so happy to hear of other people appreciating them too. Peace, love, and a Merry Christmas to you folks.
0.957 Well I'll say you look pretty good in both photos ;) but as long as you're FEELING better that's great!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.945 I've always struggled with depression, ever since I was little, but by my teenage years I was completely hopeless and suicidal.
-0.929 Not sure how well I'm going to do keto-wise, but I am prepared to have my first cheat day in 2 months if worst comes to worst.
-0.924 No matter how bad you fucked up yesterday or what the scale says after that particularly shameful McDonalds run, it doesn't matter. That's right.
-0.883 She's struggled with not only that, but depression and drug abuse for so long and I'm finally about to be in a position where I can support her!
-0.877 I just wanted to jump into keto so badly that I tried to ignore the symptoms, which was really dumb.
-0.875 If anyone else says stupid, offensive shit, I'll delete that too and instabanhammer you.
-0.872 Stumbling on this as it's hit r/all, but bloody hell, well done!
-0.872 Also tell who ever said the negative things to Eat A Big Dirty Dick.
-0.867 When the doctor gives you a death sentence, you know it's "get scared and get it done" time. Well you sure as HELL got it DONE!
-0.861 What those meds did to me, I wouldn't wish on the worst of my enemies.
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