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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.952 Become rich, confident, funny, fit, healthy, well groomed and well dressed and meet people similar to you.
0.935 Yeah but this is pretty good because he makes fun of himself.
0.927 Our sweet, sweet, soft-skinned, gentle mothers who cared for and nurtured us.
0.926 Can't wait for the friend zone cliffhanger. "Will our hero get the girl and convince her he is truly a nice guy?
0.919 Obviously he is the only man in this anime universe that can truly save these damsels from all these physically fit men who respect their partner's basic ability at menial tasks..
0.917 I guess you guys don't want to hear about my screenplay." This is true, but we all love visiting friend very much.
0.916 Not specifically asian, but my spanish yeacher went to Spain a guy tried being all like, yeah I love American culture.
0.914 I love how they think they are so fucking enlightened and superior yet somehow they can't even get their health right.
0.913 Become fit/dress better/be funny. I mean I think it's pretty obvious, aside from plastic surgery you can't change your face so might as well get everything else to the best shape to make up for it.
0.908 I just admitted that I did a thing purely for fun and enjoying my sexualityyyy! Edit: because I'm baked and feeling salty about the idea of people caring so much about a costume.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.933 Saying "yeah but you are ugly" and avoiding any kind of interaction because of that makes you an incredibly awful human being, yeah. BUT, say you are an ugly dude or girl by the usual standards...
-0.929 And someone just getting fed up with his shit and beating the fuck out of him till he died.
-0.926 Neckbeard mindset: "I want to see some naked bitches and jerk off" >Goes to /r/nsfw "Uugh, stupid fucking slut"
-0.922 I mean, how dare that evil evil female not dedicate all her time to lying in wait for her knight in shining white armor to show up?
-0.920 They go out there and drink and drive, get into fights with the locals, sometimes rape or murder someone.
-0.919 I crashed my motorcycle and fucked up my knee, and I still got up screaming in pain to take a piss.
-0.912 Akin to a cheater accusing a faithful wife of cheating or a thief presuming everyone steals.
-0.908 Fedora, black t-shirt, gross beard that looks like shit and can't possibly feel good, awful glasses, dead eyes, and speaks like a Baby's First Thesaurus?
-0.904 the OP image is just a sad story of a depressed dude suffering from isolation making some social blunders.
-0.898 in reality though he looks like one of those idiot mass shooters driven by their virgin rage, trying to get revenge on the society that they think deprived them of getting pussy.
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