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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 I realize this sounds super douchey, but I'm honestly just really lucky - I'm tall, attractive, social, and love working and studying.
0.967 Colleges and universities have a lot of politics involved, but I feel like it's still pretty secure, and I get great benefits partially paid for by the state .
0.961 The good news is that they are giving away a $200 gift card and a battery pack to the grand prize winner as well as the recruiter meeting.
0.956 Keeps me hopeful that soon I'll find a job I like! Congrats on your success and keep up the great work!
0.954 "You're talented and you gotta shove your talent down anyone's throat who is hiring" lol love that and congratulations!
0.954 I really enjoyed watching this saga unfold - it felt like something right out of "Office Space!" Congrats and best of luck with the new job!
0.949 Great friendships with my crew, great adventure, working with such skilled workers, doing something important, seeing progress everyday. How didd I get that job?
0.946 That said, I have a nice apartment in a nice part of Manhattan and I'm happy being able to live comfortably in the greatest city in the world.
0.945 you are welcome :) best of luck in your job hunt - and let me know what happens :)
0.944 For future sharing of your great story, it'd be super keen if you could make it just that much easier to follow.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.956 Then if they keep going just be like "listen bitch, I'm a fucking witness to a mob hit, I've been in witness protection but you assholes fired the only guy who knew my shit.
-0.952 If you accept people lying to you, you have no excuse when bad shit happens to you because of those lies. I still wonder how much lying you do to others... Oh, and I'm far from naive.
-0.946 I've been shifting to chaotic good. There's a pool table at a bar that steals peoples money, but you can steal it back. So I steal it back when it steals from people.
-0.943 2300 Weekly for reading the news!!! NO SCAMS, NO FEES, NO SPAM EMAILS You have got to check this site out, if you like to read news this is the site for you.
-0.938 Worst is after all that bullshit they immediately send you they're generic rejection letter because somewhere along the line you answered wrong.
-0.933 I worked in a job like that for a year after college- it actually was a well-paying not-so-demanding job, but I had an existential crisis and ended up getting fired after an argument with my boss.
-0.932 No kids starved, no dog starved, no one missed their meds.
-0.927 Fuck them so hard get revenge for everyone that has been fucked by the system!
-0.926 Worst thing that can happen is you get fired and leave them wondering what in the hell just happened.
-0.923 Not to sound entitled but ive worked some really fucked up shit the past 11 years of my time being a part of the labor force.
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