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0.926 So, do as much experimenting as you can till you hopefully end up in the ideal setup ready for a jailbreak. Good luck.
0.912 Haha yeah OK, definitely easier.
0.899 I don't know exactly what that is but given how you describe it it seems like a pretty clear "no".
0.893 Oh, ok thank you, do you happen to know when should I bring my phone in for a repair if it drops under a certain number like capacity wise?
0.876 What a perfect way to end the year :D I'll summon you to make sure you see my post, hehehe.
0.872 The tweak works great otherwise, really love it!
0.871 You don't want to be back here one day saying you wish you saved them as well! Edit: while I'm at it, save all your blobs, as soon as firmware is released, get in to the habit of saving them
0.852 From there, you might want to do a clean restore to 10.1.1 and restore your backup again just to iron out any funny stuff that may have happened.
0.852 Let's wish for a fun fun weekend.
0.849 haha yeah, iPhone 5s here :D

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.872 The reason behind the screw problem is that if you put the wrong screw into the hole , the screw damages the IC tracks under the hole.
-0.870 Although not always true, someone who is ridiculously suspicious of someone else cheating has usually done it themselves.
-0.843 I highly doubt a significant amount of people tweeting him something alongs the lines of "RELEASE NOW, I'M FUCKING GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T RELEASE TONIGHT" reside in this sub though.
-0.834 just use the [[killme]] tweak to use nothing but your iphone to kill yourself!
-0.832 With exploits for them about to be made public, I'm expecting Apple to close the signing window very soon since 10.2 murders all those bugs. Edit: 10.1.1 exploits just dropped.
-0.820 I'm in the same boat, but I'm gonna be upgrading to a 6S in a few weeks and dreading the loss of the jailbreak.
-0.818 A kernel panic is very similar to a BSOD on Windows.
-0.815 If this is the case, there is no tweak to bypass this problem. Now, with either option, there is a glaring problem.
-0.810 This is so fake it hurts.
-0.802 I had thought you said Cydia.app would no longer launch. And that Impactor error means I was dumb in my instructions and you should've signed it.
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