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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.950 LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
0.936 I love digital cameras just as much, but playing around with film is so good sometimes :)
0.928 Amazing color compliments, very nice, good eye ;)
0.908 I really like the photograph with only parts of the plane being visible but it looks unnatural with the milky way being way brighter, love to see a repost with more matching exposures!
0.902 Wow, thanks for the awesome write up!
0.898 Beautiful picture and, with all due respect, beautiful girlfriend too.
0.890 Hope that helps mate, look forward to seeing your shots from Iceland, I really want to go back, such a beautiful country!!
0.875 That's truly creative - beautiful image!
0.875 I wish I had more technical terms to use, but I hope this helps!
0.863 I blew this one up as a canvas print and touched it up and edited it slightly, but love how the original came out! edit: 8/5 sec.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.735 By violating this etiquette, you teach others that they can too. So not only are you hurting the plants you're walking on, you're teaching others to do the same.
-0.557 Print and frame that shit.
-0.527 And when you're doing it around the water, you are putting yourself in danger.
-0.482 MLM means Mona Lisa Monday.
-0.477 It's been rather breezy in france, so I used a quicker frame time to avoid any unwanted blurring.
-0.459 If you are shooting the milky way you just want to be somewhere with low or no moonlight/cloud cover/Light pollution.
-0.440 Never expected this response, irony, grammatical error.
-0.440 Damn, I miss Seattle. There's a cool spot just further north up the tracks, where they disappear into a tunnel.
-0.382 Manual mode in LG G4, lowest ISO, Shutter speed 1/500, manual focus.
-0.361 When viewed full screen, the lonely figure is much more evident, and it makes the photo more impactful.
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