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0.950 iOS has a gesture where you swipe in from the left edge to go back, and even stuff like the Twitter app supports gestures like these, so it's easy to use with one hand. So far really enjoying it.
0.905 So far so good - loving the reasonable size, metal build, and optimized OS.
0.899 I love the iPhones hardware - and I've realised for some time now that all I really want is stock Android on an iPhone. So I was pretty excited for the Pixel...I still am in some ways.
0.891 I never had the opportunity to interact with him but based on this post I can tell he had a huge impact and grateful for his hand in launching /r/iPhone.
0.886 Cool. I've said this another comment: a good review should be a good review regardless if they got it for free or not.
0.859 I'm wondering how much the 2 energy-efficient cores improved batterylife compared to the A9 chip. Camera: the iPhone 7 is a clear winner on that note.
0.848 I want to keep my notification center clean, and the badge is the perfect place to put like counts, IMO.
0.836 If you buy it from T-Mobile using their 2-years free interest option, which is an Apple-branded credit card, that will also be unlocked.
0.834 That thing was a brick, but like a sexy brick
0.832 It's pretty awesome as far as tower defense games go.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.852 Visually, it's a very 'clean' app but navigating some areas is a bit of a pain -- why do subreddits need to be in block icons?
-0.840 No, after you showed the Genius the problem and he determines that you get a replacement unit. No need to worry they tell you everything you need to know and do.
-0.834 Yeah I wouldn't really mind with just water but dirty toilet water was disgusting.
-0.827 Sometimes it would lose a few percent overnight, other times it would completely die when it was over half charged at the beginning of the night.
-0.807 When you act like a know it all prick while being dead wrong, you're likely to be met with more accurate information laced in snark.
-0.796 Edit: If your point is seriously about the "Charge from 80 because it would degrade the battery less than if you charged from 20", then there are papers showing the results are quite insignificant.
-0.788 I think you still don't get the idea but i'm lazy to go in depth. 1) Battery Stress Memory is a myth that has been outdated since dinosaur years ago.
-0.735 They just have an annoying interface over all and the camera is ass.
-0.731 Perhaps I'm not gentle enough, but that dongle is going to loosen way too much. Slightly unrelated, but my biggest disappointment are the Apple Air Pods.
-0.721 The sad thing is: This will prevent **nothing** and will just do more harm than good, both with outraged user reviews as well as sales.
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