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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.945 > the data show lump sum is always the best thing Not to be a wiener, but the data shoes that it is *on expectation* the best thing, not that it is *always* the best thing.
0.941 Big dips best friend, lucrative best friend.
0.938 Hardware won't matter, ride sharing apps certainly won't matter, but the software that delivers the seamless experience will win. I love how Tesla is relentlessly driving their vision of the future.
0.936 Burry saw great success with value investing pre Scion Capital with his individual investments and then went on to run a very successful hedge fund with a basis on hunting bargains.
0.929 I'm pretty sure loaning out 10k at 5% interest while paying the depositor 1% interest is a lot more profitable then collecting the occasional overdraft fee.
0.925 Of the options at hand, Nvidia is most definitely the best one lol.
0.925 One of my favorite quotes - Elroy Dimson: Risk means more things can happen than will happen. I sincerely hope to hear back OP and would love to expand on any of the above point.
0.920 Yeah, not sure of his background, but seems like he was a pretty high level exec and all he showed was he was ethical.
0.919 In 2016, he's worth $3 billion, a rather impressive gain ~15.3%. Well, that would be impressive if the S&P 500 hadn't grown 53.7% in the same time frame.
0.914 Catching up with my friends' lives is boring through Facebook. YouTube is also challenging the game for content by making user profit sharing easier and easier.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.951 I counted and realized I had used the bathroom 40 times in one day, horrible stomach pains, painful bloody shits and an inability to really eat or drink anything.
-0.951 Multiple wars, terrorist attacks, civil rights struggles and multiple major political scandals.
-0.934 They had a massive first mover advantage but they are not infallible, and in fact have done a lot of damage to their brand over time with bad PR moves and arrogance.
-0.922 The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic?
-0.914 He's stupid, thoughtless, irresponsible, ignorant, and greedy.
-0.904 Yeah jogging will stop you from getting cancer, you dumb fuck.
-0.898 The main effect of the announcement was that it snapped the cycle of negativity; when sentiment is really bad, the market tends to fixate on news items that are bad.
-0.888 It is a dead horse that has been beaten to death way too much and is pretty much used exclusively by people who haven't spent much time researching the crash.
-0.886 > In this case, however, the damages you're talking about involve maiming and killing other humans. Only if judgment is poor.
-0.875 > All it takes is one or two fatal accidents for people to completely back off from the technology Elon Musk is pissed off about people saying this, and rightly so.
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