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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.931 Females are attracted to this because a male who has the time and the energy to create something of that beauty and magnitude probably has an easy time surviving.
0.929 I love NHK easily the best channel to zone out and relax with.
0.915 It's a truly fantastic film, fascinating and inspiring.
0.914 They look delicious and amazing and I love me some home-made hot-cocoa in the middle of winter when the land outside is a blanket of white.
0.910 At the end, they simply add more shafts of light to make more dancers, since every point on the wheel can show the animation. Hopefully that helps you understand how this super cool illusion works!
0.889 :D It would be pretty fun at ~60mph, for the first couple of minutes...
0.887 This looks like an ad for a finalized product. With no trailer we have to hope the perp doesn't do anything stupid, we have to hope nothing goes wrong with the device or it's operations.
0.883 Since the purpose of it seems to be to be admired and look impressive, while being worshipped in some sense.
0.880 Wow interesting fact never knew this, thanks for writing!
0.867 That's beyond the level of most toy/hobby drones but an Amazon drone is probably going to be a pretty capable machine.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.898 You could honestly terrify the shit out of that thing for hours and hours and it would never be able to die of a heart attack.
-0.886 That's not all what we're talking about. Further more, drone regulations are worthless when talking about intentional or terrorism attacks.
-0.851 Sadly, the deer herd will never again accept it as one of their own since the other deer will sense that it has been to the land of the dead and returned whence
-0.850 Hunting purely because you want to kill something is cruel, I'm sorry.
-0.848 No one really knows which side started the war and it doesn't really matter as both sides where just as guilty.
-0.840 Blind fire didn't exist until near the end of the war.
-0.836 I don't know, this advertisement suspiciously glazes over these questions. I would consider this device to be about as dangerous as a PIT that is to say quite dangerous.
-0.832 I get made fun of for it, but I don't like that there are miles of WTF below me.
-0.832 Reported as spam. Uninteresting, bullshit spam at that.
-0.824 I wouldn't want that tire they had in there going through my windshield, I'd probably die. Now you mention that PIT is a bad idea at very high speeds, and you are very correct.
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