/r/instant_regret Analysis

Ten Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.832 Alexa are you OK Tell me are you OK Are you OK, alexa
0.823 Ha ha ha ha.
0.748 step 1: dont be a idiot step 2: leave gameboy at home step 3:?????? step 4: Profit.
0.748 I don't recall being sadder for any human being that passed away as it got me when it was my dog's turn Now I have a lump in my throat in the middle of the day, I will see you in heaven, Winnie!
0.742 Enjoy your subscription to Cat Facts! Contrary to popular belief, the cat is a social animal.
0.735 thats pretty neat
0.727 [The video] is pretty funny.
0.710 I found the reaction of her friends to be a little heartwarming.
0.700 Good to know if I ever go to a baseball game, thanks.
0.681 This is like /r/holdmyjuicebox but better

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.949 but --to paraphrase-- His anger and evident frustration was not, however, a clear instance of regret.
-0.938 I know I'm gonna regret this, but I find this decision to be regrettable. > We've frequently removed videos of people eating peppers because it showed pain, not regret. Right..
-0.846 He was booked to come to the province I lived in, but a bunch of university students started a petition because he degrades women to get him banned from coming.
-0.827 I could be wrong but them closing the inner part of the sunroof was the worst mistake....
-0.807 go big or go home or go die because that happens when you're stupid
-0.802 I can see all your face, flash, that's a shitty mask, get your shit together.
-0.796 It's going be one hell of a mess.
-0.780 and even if that weren't the case, laughter at one's own mistake is a common response to mild regret.
-0.778 You dumb bastard.
-0.758 At least he was probably badly hurt.
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