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0.960 only listened to the title track but it's so good I love it!!! who are your biggest inspirations?
0.957 by best i meant best, as in all the songs are the best because that album is the best
0.948 I cannot believe, on this beautiful Sunday morning, that I get to enjoy the wonderful, rare treat of reading a fresh comment by the wrongest person on Earth.
0.945 this isn't surprising at all but since i entered Radiohead into the tournament i feel proud of their /r/indieheads win EDIT: did anyone really expect a picture of a ladybug to win the whole thing?
0.938 I love that song, specially the play on words near the end: "Drugs are better with, Friends are better with, Drugs are better..."
0.936 Hand Numbered with an invite to Jeff's private secret instagram page. JK Jeff we love you give us new beauties!
0.935 In ten years he made so many great, powerful, and emotional albums with little help, which is a testament to how amazing a songwriter and musician he was.
0.935 I feel like that's a pretty fantastic approach to the creative process and I'm interested to see what your guys' thoughts are on the results of having approached albums in such a way!
0.934 Also a pretty good documentary called Heaven Adores You, a book by Autumn de Wilde where she interviews friends and collaborators.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.955 Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
-0.955 fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
-0.946 Its not even close. BTW I can't say I envy you yanks: a completely incompetent piece of shit idiot or a corrupt lying untrustworthy criminal?
-0.939 This is the worst week ever fuck fuck fuck
-0.936 What the fuck is this limp dick shit? Wasn't Fill in the Blank enough for these goddamn suits??!
-0.896 I'm old enough to remember the day I heard Cobain died, the day I heard Staley died and the day I heard Elliott Smith died.
-0.888 The Shit That You Hate - Bomb The Music Industry Farewell Transmission - Songs: Ohia Sufism Stevens - The Transfiguration
-0.885 I don't know if a lot of people in this community are into Skramz but fuck me I miss William Bonney, brought to mind by the which bands broke up too early thread earlier
-0.883 I'm tired of being disappointed and heartbroken.
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