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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.950 All in all when you find your own clique, the city will be SUPER fun. Good luck, good sir.
0.949 Really appreciate the guts in doing this and hope they dont put a BAN on the rule like they did for NDTV. Hope for a better India, starts with these kinda steps.
0.941 Would I be good fit If I am not good at drawing ? What are some good online courses you would recommend ? Any ishort term course you would recommend for this ?
0.940 Now it will be easier for me to know I am an approved patriot worthy of living in this wonderful country because I stood up for national anthem before indulging myself into latest Marvel movie.
0.939 but the weather is awesome. Really liked Mumbai, but haven't lived there long enough to rate it. Ahmedabad wasn't bad either.
0.936 I'm sure the community won't mind India related contributions which don't reek of cheap promotion but more like sharing OC :)
0.935 Sindhu is as good as the best in the world and almost invincible at her best.
0.935 Had the misfortune of watching it in theatres, though it was hilarious when people there started laughing at the climax. Karthik calling Karthik is pretty good on the other hand.
0.935 Who is supposed to save the world if the richest and most powerful companies *just want to make money* and *keep their heads down*? Am I supposed to be a champion?
0.932 Freedom of Speech and Expression > Under our constitutional scheme, as stated earlier, it is not open to the State to curtail freedom of speech to promote the general public interest. 2.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.970 With my current setup, I have managed to run DOOM, DOOM 2 : HELL ON EARTH and BRUTAL DOOM.
-0.969 This may not be PC, but I totally support extra judicious killing of terrorists and violent criminals.
-0.961 Abusing people online and threatening them is also a crime although not in the same league as assault and murder.
-0.960 We punish & Kill humans for eating beef or even suspicion of eating beef but corrupt people who caused this poor babies death won't even face harsh punishment.
-0.950 Declare marital rape a crime and punish women who abuse it would be the way to go, IMHO.
-0.943 No warnings, no nothing. You *could have* fallen in a gutter hole and died or *could have* been crushed by a careless RTC bus driver or *could have* been shot by your coworker.
-0.941 Harrassing couples on valentines day, LGBT has no right in India, Sec 377 is biggest crime than Rape, Killing minorities over Cow, Abducting NE girls..., yet this idiots claim such non-sense.
-0.938 Since cancer isn't easily curable, if large amounts of the population live into old age, 1/3 of them are going to die of cancer, which would give a much higher number than 0.05% per year.
-0.936 But did these people justify the riots or polarize the victim community by spreading communal poison in their speeches or were their cabinet ministers arrested for direct role in riots?
-0.934 The killed terrorists would remain killed in the morning.
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