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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.943 Free IQ tests always buff up your value so you can hit that share button to show your friends, and they get that sweet, sweet ad revenue.
0.903 I don't think people like this actually miss the joke, but actually try to prove that they are super duper smart and above everyone else every chance they get.
0.895 "intelligent enough" tends to always set the bar pretty low, right!? enjoy the many, many friend requests.
0.891 you should win a prize for being so smart
0.886 When people associate high status with intelligence, then in their desire for high status they adopt an identity that attempts to gives off an impression of being intelligent.
0.872 Some of us are smart, some of us are talented, and some of us are beautiful.
0.869 i feel like maybe cringeanarchy and TiA might be better as well
0.866 Now the comedies of William Shakespeare, those I could devour like a fine Bordeaux and some delicious Camembert.
0.863 Okay, thanks for the observation, have a nice day :)
0.852 When my trip turned south, I had my best friend there, he asked me if I was okay.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.913 le evil SJWs took away the sub where 30 year old men talked about how bad they wanted to beat up 11 year olds cause of their looks, how horrible!
-0.897 Damn, guess I just wasn't smart enough to see all the problems and abuse /s
-0.891 He's just shy of 5'11'', yet he's somehow developed a wicked inferiority complex about his height, and it manifests itself in everything from bitter redpill rants to an apparent giantess fetish.
-0.888 It's not rational to deduce "your argument is wrong" from "you're an idiot", but it can be rational to deduce "you're an idiot" from "your argument is wrong".
-0.852 She sued for medical expenses, but the judge ordered punitive damages.
-0.846 It probably wasn't a good idea to dose when I was dead tired either, because my body wanted to fall asleep, but my mind was awake for the next few hours and it was endlessly frustrating.
-0.832 Im a dumb motherfucker but it was painful to try and understand what "energy" is.
-0.813 I spend a lot of my time trying to keep my mouth shut and actually listen, and oh gods I lecture too much, but I know that at least I make the effort to try to not come off like an ass
-0.778 Too many people seem to think that murder = psychopath and violent = psychopath, which is far from true.
-0.772 Of all the multifaceted shades of weapons grade bullshit this is, limiting is not one them.
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