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0.882 I2P = A more advanced and superior solution to the Tor hidden services darknet and better at protecting from traffic analysis than Tor.
0.866 Seems pretty cool, would love to have this in Tails.
0.836 Wow I will definitely be giving this a run this weekend
0.681 There are a lot of good, devoted devs on there.
0.610 It's open source and MIT licensed though, so we're happy to have it built into other projects.
0.593 you should look into the [i2p.socket] python library, still primordial goo but may be useful.
0.557 These bridges however may only route certain types of traffic, just like how Tor exit node operators can select what traffic is allowed over their exits.
0.550 - Very similarly to tor, but much less centralized - Alternative to Tor hidden services, yes; alternative to Tor clearnet browsing, not really.
0.516 Did you make sure it doesn't leak metadata?
0.511 For decentralized hosting like Zeronet, you would need some kind of additional software on top of i2p, such as Tahoe-LAFS.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.502 Tor is something weve thought about, but is difficult due to the fact that OpenBazaar uses UDP instead of TCP.
-0.402 In the [OB Blog], the point 4 talks about the anonymity problem in OB and about the I2P implementation.
-0.361 An i2p plugin _might_ make sense, but getting it bundled with i2p itself seems like a bad idea.
-0.309 I thought it doesn't help for clearnet.
-0.202 One more question: if there is no central authority, how do the vanity eepsites get created?
-0.057 If you dont want to use the centralized infrastructure of email, look into I2P-Bote which is decentralized.
0.052 Okay, weird.
0.077 Anything you want .
0.077 This is what prevents MITM on I2P and Tor.
0.190 There are "outproxies" which work like Tor exit nodes, but they're few and far between and usually unreliable - i2p has much less extensive peer review than Tor.
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