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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.804 a friend of mine made this: https://modern-nativity.myshopify.com/products/modern-nativity-set fits the post :D
0.787 Brutality is one thing but Pryor wasn't brutal he was raucously truthful.
0.784 Good for you, allowing yourself to feel a moment of pleasure!
0.758 This is so funny, its like a clickhole article
0.743 Millennial humor is best when underplayed at this point.
0.718 Upvote for local talents :)
0.691 I assume the staff has eaten a lot more of the menu than I have and have a better grasp on what's popular with other customers.
0.660 He is easily my favorite comic of all time.
0.625 Could a comedian like Pryor even exist in today's PC environment?
0.599 I loved the out of place "Postcolonial."

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.784 He knew how to make white people see themselves through black eyes without making us feel as though he hated us or that everything was our fault.
-0.709 The very point of most terrorism is to elicit overreactions.
-0.691 I have no idea what the fuck I just watched.
-0.660 It has been documented strategies for a number of terrorist groups.
-0.660 Thats fucked up
-0.613 Too many people are doing it so writers need to know that simply screaming TRIGGERED at the voice of reason character ain't good enough.
-0.572 That was retarded.
-0.557 It took me 2 trips to get my shit packed.
-0.542 Fuck you for fucking Adamj1 for posting Cracked.
-0.542 Worked in Afghanistan, worked in Israel/Palestine, and seems to be working in Europe to poison people against muslims/refugees there.
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