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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.966 Complimenting someone that you genuinely think deserves a compliment or complimenting someone to gain confidence is great.
0.945 That's great and the first step to gaining the feeling of freedom and happiness.
0.927 I start my first job Monday and I'm terrified, but I'm just going to bite the bullet, show up, and act like I know exactly what I'm doing. Good luck with your interview :)
0.914 I always felt pressured to hang out with him, but I stood up to him and I feel great :D
0.893 Wow, thank you, that was a great read!
0.891 Congrats on your progress, your attitude towards 2017 is awesome!
0.887 I like my comfort zone, where it's comfortable :P
0.873 Mostly popular and all of them did not give a fuck . My character at the time was more of a lovable loudmouth/class clown.
0.859 If it gets out of hand I will need an upper limit, but I'm hoping it won't get that far lol.
0.859 "The mind is predisposed to disposing emotional energy on an external circumstance that cannot be changed by it" Great way of putting it, definitely something my mind does on a regular basis

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.848 Finally I just broke and confronted him and basically went what the hell happened.
-0.814 Just passing by to remind you that anxiety is a bitch and you might've gone back to your habits, don't just say pretty stuff, apply it!
-0.796 Not giving a fuck can also be read as not attaching ourselves to things, emotions, or experiences and seeing the world in an objective, no bullshit way.
-0.767 You gave so many fucks that u created this shit. Let's say u didn't and got it from somewhere else.
-0.743 Fuck you, you look fine; it's your fucking self esteem that needs work, ya shit.
-0.691 Living in NYC helped me get over it, because people bump into each other there all the time and no one other than the tourists give a fuck.
-0.670 Next time he tries to contact you he, either will be more polite or he would ask what's wrong and why you are avoiding him.
-0.643 "I'll keep this shit in mind in the future" What an asshole
-0.625 If you have decided that, there shouldn't be any thought stopping you from donating if you fail again.
-0.625 Firstly, scrap all modes of thinking and realize the fact you're a walking disaster.
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