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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.813 I haven't used their version, but it looks pretty robust.
0.804 I would be so happy to have received something like this.
0.796 Not sure I believe her on that skirt/dress/snood claim either, pretty sure she just used it to bulk up the number of "outfits" she was packing
0.727 Like /u/santorin said, if you are lucky it is just glued on and some heat will work fine.
0.720 I carry the sentiment somewhat as well because it just seems like we cherrypick to see who to help or whatever fits the narrative of the west.
0.718 People are free to believe what they wish.
0.681 Thanks for all of the help.
0.637 Works like a charm.
0.637 So other people have mentioned compression and expansion, and that's your best tool.
0.637 Love yourself.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.710 This is just going to get worse and worse with mandatory and unavoidable updates.
-0.691 I know fat people who have huge calves because they are toned as fuck from hauling their fat ass around.
-0.636 > He died in the fire Well then he won't mind if the house burns down!
-0.612 Personally, I'd cut that entire chunk out and glue in a whole block.
-0.572 Don't know why you're getting the hate, I just checked and mine are hashed... psk=c2bc275b8e5370c618817d54d4fa377... I'd imagine it depends on your version.
-0.557 #3 is just idiotic
-0.556 Time to step up my dick pic game!
-0.533 It is not like gaining muscle.
-0.527 No, _we_ did no such thing.
-0.527 Group mentality is stupid.
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