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0.950 that is so exciting, congratulations and best of luck!
0.947 Sure, many people love super spicy, or super bitter, or super salty...but most people don't.
0.937 The greens "should" improve vitamin content similar to the benefit of summer free range as well as improve color and taste.
0.935 If thet enjoy taking care of him then there's nothing wrong with doing something that has the benefit of fun.
0.929 Love your work, sir! What wood are you using, for the support framing? The uprights look like 2x2's and the cross beams and under gutter supports look like 2x4's.
0.926 Thanks for your awesome words, they are truly appreciated!
0.921 I think I've posted about I here before but it didn't get much attention but the series "Happy People" is really great too.
0.919 Work around the farm/homestead is more varied, but the strength you build in that ideal environment will certainly carry over to the "real world."
0.918 I think we're leaning toward cob, but you're right, you need a place to stay while you're building your home. Thanks again and good luck with your future housing plans!
0.918 And along the way you discover not only does it suit you better, it also makes you stronger, more self reliant and as a bonus save a lot of money.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.972 The others are talking about the latest hunt. Jacob: and then out of nowhere a damn super wolf pack tries to steal our kill, Bob gets pissed, starts going crazy, the poor bastard.
-0.931 Dead vehicles, dead livestock, dead relationships, etc.
-0.914 because all Monsanto people are just pure evil and want to cause as much death and destruction as possible, is that it?
-0.912 If you try to make it a quick/less stressful death for the animal, I'm sure the animal would experience a much more vicious death in the wild.
-0.900 they die when they sting you, what's worth that much? Jimmy: Damnit Mark, what the hell.
-0.893 If you're far from civilization, a nasty cut could mean death, not to mention the risk of infection.
-0.888 In reality, crime is just more reported, the media makes the information more accessible, you hear about it more often, and people are generally more aware of crime and crime prevention.
-0.886 take beer for example, people usually have 2 descriptors "hoppy" for shit they don't like, and "smooth" for shit they do like.
-0.881 However, when I read your post and realized that the bitterness of raw kale was too much for me, it got me scared as hell.
-0.874 I have yet to kill anything for food, but the killing part I think I could handle..
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