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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.949 Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, YES, NONONONONO
0.935 Yes great save, one of the best.
0.921 Totally a bro thing to do, but I gotta admit that was pretty awesome.
0.920 I wish I had friends like that. I wish I had friends.
0.917 Never succeeded but it was fun trying :D
0.910 I hope this kids dad is proud because that is pretty impressive.
0.906 Haha this is one of my good friends, I'm so glad this is now on Reddit
0.906 Good luck holding on to that with 1 hand and several feet of torque from the nozzle to your hand.
0.904 My housemates and I used to throw bottles down the basement stairs, great stress relief. It was awesome until we threw a party and I fell down the stairs, head first, into a pile of shards.
0.902 I thought they were just going to hug him, this was admittedly more entertaining XD

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.936 I was waiting that he hurts himself with the beer. Then I was waiting for the backflip fail but no this fucker let me down
-0.930 white people are crazy white people are crazy white people are crazy white people are crazy white people are crazy white people are crazy white people are crazy
-0.921 She could have killed this dumb son of a bitch.
-0.921 It needs to fucking die a horrible death, just use the words the post title.
-0.905 It used to be people doing stupid shit and fucking up, now it's people doing stupid shit and not getting hurt.
-0.905 If you are going to be a angry inch dick, meat head, fuck stick, just shrivel your ittybitty committee up back inside you and dont hurt anybody edit: sorry OP, just got fired up
-0.903 That looks fun but holy fuck that can kill someone.
-0.902 This is not funny, this is pure stupidity and hitting someone blind from behind is probably the worst thing you could ever do to a person.
-0.886 Same thing I tell the kids when they see me fuck shit up, "You can learn more from watching an idiot at work than a genius."
-0.883 Man daggering is some wild shit, raggae clubs used to be my ish back in the day but it would be crazy as shit watching someone do this.
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