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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.970 Thought it was a mistake at first but then they dropped Dj Khaled "all I do is win" when they won a game haha love it
0.955 Game looks great but I honestly wanted to commend your song choice, haven't heard that one in a while and it went perfectly with the video, will download and try the game!
0.946 Pretty sure that was playing in the heads of all those Cub fans they showed. Fantastic song to play during this commercial break as well; thanks.
0.945 Like, I love a good fight but also I love when we don't lose which is kind of an unrequited love :(
0.935 As in, all players are better now than in the 80s, so it's not unreasonable to think that the best players now are better than the best players of the 80s.
0.927 > I don't get this but I love it so fucking much All my emotions summed up perfectly
0.925 I hope he makes the team and gets playtime in the NHL, Korpi has always been a great addition to our national team and I wish he'd have success in the NHL.
0.923 I shouldn't have mentioned his P/60, but thats all there is that he has shown so far. The biggest thing is Dougie is proven great, while Nylander is only expected to be great at this point.
0.912 Glad I hopped on this bandwagon :) Hope Reimer wins a cup
0.910 Like the comment below, to me it seems like Bettman is putting good entertainment above player safety.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.938 That hurts to, but I generally find slashes to the wrist hurt worst.
-0.926 Obligatory fuck the Pens, but holy shit, this is the division of death this year
-0.915 I wouldn't mind a rivalry with the Kings and that would make a lot of sense, but if Vegas isn't that good and loses the first handful of games to LA, it won't be a "rivalry" so much as bullying.
-0.900 I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it.
-0.891 Fuck dude must have collapsed and died :/
-0.888 Fuck Bieksa, fuck your NMC and fuck your 4 million salary.
-0.882 What the fuck else is 3 punches to a defenseless player lying on the ground meant to accomplish??????
-0.881 > Hell at that time everyone was still all "who the hell is Drew Doughty?" Maybe in St.
-0.870 WTF are both feeds dead?
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