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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.902 Just out of curiosity, really, but also because she was known to have lots of lovers and I bet she was gorgeous.
0.900 Third fastest probably by watching a lets play and copying their actions to best possible way to kinda get the hang of it. If you are interested, I could help you.
0.893 Pham's easy familiarity with Americans, his time studying and working in the United States and writing for prominent American news organizations made him an excellent spy.
0.883 Go forward knowing that, sooner rather than later, the great avenues will open again where free men will walk to build a better society.
0.859 Also I just used youtube creative commons music while he does his awesome signature songwriting stuff; if I had tried to alter my voice musically like he does, I think that would cross the line.
0.858 So good luck with that :)
0.858 I'm hoping to make more like this, any feedback/criticism is very much appreciated!
0.856 He's called Russia's greatest love machine for a reason
0.852 I'd love to see a photo of Catherine the Great because she's my favourite historical figure.
0.848 Next week I'm going to Arras to visit a memorial where my Great great grandad is buried.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.929 Most people got that, but you were stubbornly adamant at arguing the point that the violence is irrelevant because technology.
-0.927 Many people die every year from the weapons, explosives and chemical weapons left behind from the war.
-0.915 I live in a basement for the past 5 years, no job, no car, no money, constantly sad for no reason, tired, where do I install Windows
-0.908 The war caused America to lose faith in its government and brought the horrors of war to TV for the first time.
-0.904 the final battle in the war of 1812 I believe that like 700 died for the british and 15 americans Died.
-0.900 The crisis between Austria-Hungary and Serbia thus threatened to bring Russia into war with Austria-Hungary and therefore with Germany.
-0.893 There is a 3-sided civil war in Syria right now, fought by Assad/Kurds, ISIS, and assorted rebel groups. The current Libyan civil war is also 3-sided.
-0.891 There is also, if I'm allowed to cheat, individuals that have an identity but we do not know like various serial killers
-0.881 He was very fictionalized in the Michael Mann movie Heat, but in reality loosely based on the real career criminal and thief of the same name.
-0.875 He died on May 8th 1917 during the battle of Arras, I think whilst on an assault to take a near by village.
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