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0.965 I'm sure some people like it but I'm more interested in playing fun decks at MY skill level than playing a ton of aggro games to ramp back up to my rewards every month.
0.955 yeah haha, i was lucky that the singles were mostly good, usually people get 12 wins with those 3 keeper of uldaman and 2 truesilver champion
0.953 It's giggle-inducing fun, but your wins will be more luck than skill. Just go in expecting chaos and fun, rather than expecting to win this week.
0.952 That's a super different list and looks like great fun, thanks!
0.945 Beautifully written, I hope whoever it was, you find them and you begin a glorious friendship like the world has never seen.
0.941 I just want more time to play the game in a fun way, the way I like to play it, and feel like I can accomplish something.
0.938 Love the description of the Mech-Bear-Cat: "Big Game Hunter can burn in hell." Watched a bit of the stream yesterday, nice one :) I agree with almost all changes :)
0.936 on the one hand it has better stats for the cost, on the other hand it won't get out of hand quite like the ghoul can.
0.936 Yes it is good against shaman, but I feel like now that money and risk have come into it, people want to play a deck that is very safe, has a lot of removal and can easily reset.
0.935 Down vote me if you want, but I have been playing nothing but Pirate Warrior and the games where you win before a Reno can be played definitely do not happen often enough to be labeled "consistent".

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.915 No no, that makes her a Shaman, a far worse crime than being a witch!
-0.908 Draw basically everything and then kill maim destroy with 40 some damage
-0.890 Since now you have a 7/7 on board which, since you've done more face damage beforehand, is a lot more likely to kill your low health opponent.
-0.882 It's the same problem as chillmaw, most/all of their stuff if already dead once they traded into a 6/6, so the deathrattle does nothing and they play out their hand after killing it.
-0.878 rather than just trying to kill all of your opponent's minions, try killing them instead.
-0.878 I suppose you can auchenai and hero power it, but killing your own minions for face damage is not really a control thing.
-0.869 People are bad and want to cry "OP" to masquerade the fact they are bad.
-0.863 I don't like coming here just to bitch, but this is hands down the worst brawl yet.
-0.859 bad since it just gets BGHed aka worse foe reaper 4000) or require some new archetype to be built around it .
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